"What's the secret to designing a beautiful room?"

It's unexpected inspiration mixed with classic design principles. It's understanding the rules, but knowing when to break them. ~ Candice Olson


Our homes impact how we feel and how we live. I dislike seeing people stressed, uneasy in their homes, or sitting on a house that just won’t sell!

What I do

Interior Design

What does a beautiful home mean to you? It doesn’t always mean expensive, high end or ‘trendy’. Discovering what you want to achieve and doing it within your budget is how I work. I won’t copy out of House & Home if it doesn’t fit your needs!

How do we make your home feel special? It might look like this…

  • I will help you clarify your design vision in a consultation
  • We will discuss colour and accents and choose elements that you like
  • Depending on your needs, we can space plan for new builds, renovations, or redesigns in collaboration with the rest of your team (architect, builder, etc.)
  • I can help you declutter, purge, and source what you need, including arranging home services like painting

With 14 years of professional organizing, design, and staging experience I can help you create spaces that fit your needs and budget.

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The right products make the difference between chaos and a well functioning home. Check out our offerings and how we can help.

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